Fire Extinguisher Maintenance, Exeter, Truro

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance in Devon & Cornwall.

Engineers based in Exeter & Truro

The levels of training undertaken by Calbarrie technicians and our commitment to deliver ISO approved standards of assurance demonstrate our determination to reduce the risks and dangers of fire.

What Is It?

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Service

A BS ISO 9001 quality assured fire extinguisher programme designed to ensure that it works effectively in a fire.

Why Do I Need It

Over time, fire extinguishers can deteriorate and require regular maintenance to ensure that the extinguisher works to extinguish the fire when needed. Without a maintenance programme you have no warning or defence against fire. You will jeopardise any associated fire insurance claim if you have failed to maintain your equipment and the necessary records.

What is the Legal Requirement

Employers must undertake a fire risk assessment. A designated member of staff responsible for health & safety is accountable for the servicing of the fire extinguishers. Employers are also required to ensure that any fire protection equipment is maintained to the relevant standard. (Regulatory Reform order (2005) Fire Safety Order) and records kept.

Who does it apply to?

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Exeter BAFE Certificate

All commercial environments and where the public reside or visit

How does Calbarrie deliver this Service

Why Choose Calbarrie

We can perform all of your health and safety testing, reducing your costs as our engineers can perform the PAT Testing at the same time as they are on site doing the fire extinguisher maintenance, reducing minimum site fees or abolishing attendance fees.

Fire Extinguisher Training

We can offer 'Fire Extinguisher Training' for your staff, it provides employees with greater fire safety awareness and is designed to increase their confidence in the action to take in case of a fire occurring. The course is suitable for up to 20 people and we run it at your work place, it runs for 1 – 2 hours.